Description Datasheet Flyer Instruction Conformity IECEx / ATEX
SC Sensor Communicator   H70654 H73699      
SMI Sensor Master Interface H72618   H73618      
Accessories H72258          
8202 N Navitrag H72206 H70677 H70722      
8204 ND Differential Pressure Transmitter H72218 H70678 H73218 CE    
8212/8213 H H72207     CE    
8235 FPT Flush Membrane Transmitter H72316 H70648 H73316 CE    
8251 NAT Industrial Pressure Transmitter H72250   H73250 CE    
8252 NAT Industrial Pressure Transmitter H72303 H70666 H73303 CE    
8253 NAH Pressure Transmitter H72300 H70670 H73250 CE    
8254 NAH Pressure Transmitter H72304 H70682 H73303 CE    
8255 NAE Engine Pressure Transmitter H72301 H70675 H73250 CE    
8256 NAE Marine Pressure Transmitter H72305 H70684 H73303 CE    
8257 NSL Low Pressure Transmitter H72302 H70671 H73250 CE    
8264 NPN Picotrans H72313 H70673 H73313 CE    
8270 CMP CANopen Miniature Pressure Transmitter H72614 H70653 H73614 CE    
8292 EXNT Ex Pressure Transmitter H72329 H70657 H73329 CE    
8293 EPR Railway Pressure Transmitter H72311 H70674 H73311 CE    
8298 EPN/EPNCR Engine Pressure Transmitter H72312 H70669 H73311 CE    
8320 EPN-S Electronic Pressure Switch H72333 H70652 H73333 CE    
8432 EXL Ex Submersible Pressure Transmitter H72330 H70658 H73329 CE    
8438 ECL Submersible Pressure Transmitter  H72328 H70641 H73328 CE    
8439 ECL Submersible Pressure Transmitter  H72336 H70690 H73336 CE    
8472 ECT Industrial Pressure Transmitter H72324 H70662 H73324 CE    
8473 ECT Industrial Pressure Transmitter H72326 H70663 H73324 CE    
8477 ECTN Marine Pressure Transmitter H72322 H70688 H73324 CE    
8810  OEM Pressure Sensors H72205          
8822   H72315 H70611 H73315      
8838 NAL Submersible Pressure Transmitter  H72228 H70681 H73227 CE    
8842/8843 NAP Pressure Transmitter H72230 H70683 H73208 CE    
8852/8853 EXNA Ex Pressure Transmitter H72227 H70685 H73227 CE ATEX (DE)  
8854 EXNA Ex Pressure Transmitter H72334 H70679 H73227 CE    
8858 EXNAL Ex Submersible Pressure Transmitter H72231 H70610 H73227 CE ATEX (DE)  
904 «Simple Apparatus» conformity to ATEX Pressostat H72364 H70919 H73175 CE    
900/904/912 P/PS Pressostat H72252 H70911 H71261 CE    
900/904/912  Membrane Pressostat H72262 H70918   CE    
900/904/912 EXP Ex Pressostat H72263 H70916 H73171 CE ATEX (EN)  
901/902/905/906  Limi Pressostat H72254     CE    
901/902/905/906  Limi Membrane Pressostat H72269     CE    
903/907/915/940/941/942 PV/PVF Vari Pressostat H72257 H70910 H71261 CE    
920/924/932 PD Differential Pressure Pressostat H72253 H70914 H73256 CE    
920/924/932 EXPD Ex Differential Pressostat H72256 H70922 H73171 CE ATEX (EN)  
924 «Simple Apparatus» conformity to ATEX Differential Pressure Pressostat H72365 H70920 H73175 CE    
944/947 PK Pressostat H72259 H70912 H71261 CE    
944/947/953 EXPK Ex Pressostat H72270 H70917 H73171 CE ATEX (EN)  
947 «Simple Apparatus» conformity to ATEX Pressostat H72366 H70921 H73175 CE    
987/988  Pressostat H72272 H70915 H73272 CE    
9B0 PST H72202   H73202 CE    
9B4 PST4B Picostat Pressure Switch H72367 H70655 H73367 CE    
9B4 PST4 Picostat H72362 H70923 H73362 CE    
9D0 PSTD Differential Pressure Picostat H72273 H70913 H73273 CE    
9K0 PSTK H72202   H73202 CE    
9K4 PST4K Picostat Pressure Switch H72369 H70667 H73367 CE    
9M0 PSTM H72202   H73202 CE    
9M4 PST4M Picostat Pressure Switch H72368 H70668 H73367 CE    
319 ADS Ambi Duostat H72146 H70960 H73170 CE    
104/114  Altero Duct Thermostat H72103   H70311 CE    
104/114 M2S Alterostat H72139 H70965 H70311 CE    
136/154  Altero Laborstat H72149   H70311 CE    
198/199 A2/A2S Altero Ambistat H72137 H70962 H70311 CE    
302 D...R Duo Limistat H72142 H70963 H73170 CE    
314 DS Duostat H72134   H73170 CE    
391 DTS Differential Thermostat H72145   H70871 CE    
404/414 I/IS Industat H72110 H70951 H73111 CE    
404/414 EXS EX Industat H72108 H70970 H73172 CE    
404/414  Ex Indu Duct H72129   H73172 CE    
409/419 IA/IAS Indu Ambistat H72116 H70964 H73111 CE    
409/419 EXAS Ex Indu Ambistat H72128 H70969 H73172 CE    
410/412 IS...R Indu Limistat H72138 H70966 H73111 CE    
414 «Simple Apparatus» conformity to ATEX Industat H72183 H70971 H73173 CE    
419 «Simple Apparatus» conformity to ATEX Ambistat H72182 H70972 H73173 CE    
471/472 ISN/ISNT Navistat H72111 H70950 H73111 CE    
474 ISP/ISPT Picotherm H72113 H70953 H73113 CE    
580/581  Mini-Multistat H72131     CE    
624/634 M/MS Ministat H72172 H70954 H73624 CE    
624/634 MST Ministat H72174 H70955 H73624 CE    
624/634 MSK Duct Thermostat H72177 H70957 H73624 CE    
630/632 MS...R Mini Limistat H72173 H70956 H73624 CE    
630/632 MSK...R Duct Limistat H72178   H73624 CE    
645/650 A/AS/ASE Ambistat H72170 H70961 H73624 CE    
657/658 GS Galvanostat H72179 H70959 H73624 CE    
663/664 MP/MSP Pipe Mounting Thermostat H72175 H70958 H73663 CE    
736/754 L/LF Laborstat H72122 H70967 H70211 CE    
755 L...R Labor Limistat H72124 H70968 H70211 CE    
8100 T Navitrag H72102   H73102 CE    
990/991/992/993 F/F...R Froststat H72123 H70952 H70821 CE    
8774  Gas Density Sensor with analogue and PWM output H72507   H73507 CE    
8775  Gas Density Sensor RS485/MODBUS H72519   H73519 CE    
878x  Hybrid Gas Density Monitor with analogue output H72515   H73515 CE    
879x  Hybrid Gas Density Monitor RS485/MODBUS H72517   H73520 CE    
87x7  Gas Density Monitor H72518 H71101 H73518 CE    
8287 EPI Industrial Pressure Transmitter H72317 H70692 H73317 CE    
8380 DPC  H72320 H70691 H73320 CE    
8381 DPS  H72321 H70694 H73320 CE    
8859 EXNAL  H72335 H70695 H73227 CE    
8258 NAR  H72307 H70697 H73303 CE    
8478 ECR  H72337 H70603 H73324 CE    
8283 EPR  H72319 H70601 H73317 CE    
8288 EPN  H72318   H73317 CE